Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Naming Day

Today Teddy and I finally got round to naming all the hens. For the first few days I really couldn’t tell them apart but after some study of their finer features, and as their characters begin to emerge I can recognise each one. So here they are:
GINGER – This was the hen we named first and probably the most easily distinguishable from the others. I would have called her Chestnut due to her lovely chestnut coloured feathers, but one of the other hens from the flock outside has that name so Ginger it is. She is quite bold and inquisitive but won’t let me pick her up.
TWO TONE – So called due to the marked difference in colour between her dark neck and much paler feathers on her body. My husband David doesn’t like this name but given that his suggestions were ‘Chicken Zinger’ or ‘McNugget’ I am sticking with Two Tone.
FEATHERS – Ironically the most feather bare of all our birds, when she lifts her head you can see right through to the scraggly skin on her chest and neck. I am hoping that by Christening her Feathers she will blossom into a fully plumed beauty. She is quite a timid little chicken, the smallest of the bunch and seems to be the most hen pecked, poor thing.
MRS TUFTY – This hen seems to be emerging as my little favourite to date. Whenever I open the hatch she is always there looking very interested and comes trotting over to see if there are any new exciting titbits on offer. She got her name from the tufty curly nature of the feathers on the back of her neck.
After we named them, Teddy and I did a little video showing them all, but because the quality seems quite poor here I have put it on YouTube instead. CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT
You can also watch a much clearer version of the DUST BATH CHICKEN VIDEO, which I now know to be Two Tone having the time of her life.


skinnyfitkate said...

Fab names and a fab blog...keep it up! xxx

must come and see them soon xx

Jade Parsley said...

Yes come!! Soon. They are so lovely. Come in the morning and Ruby can check for an egg.!